Full Moon at 9 Libra — Sun + Venus + Chiron at 9 Aries

Full Moon in Libra — Sunday March 28, 2021, 2:48PM(EST)

The Full Moon at 9 Libra today will oppose an exalted Aries Sun conjunct Venus in Detriment and Chiron (all at 9 Aries). This is a really interesting and pointed lunation, one that is worth a little exploration even though it may not feel that great.

Full Moons are spotlights…

Reviews of reads worth recommending on a variety of topics

Hello and welcome to Some of the Best Books, a Medium publication dedicated to bringing you awesome reviews of books you just have to read on a variety of fascinating subjects.

One of the greatest contributions we can give one another as literate humans is good book recommendations.

Medium is…

Sabian Symbol Aries 6 — A square brightly lighted on one side

March 25, 2020 Sun Conjunct Chiron at 6 degrees of Aries

ARIES 6A square brightly lighted on one side This is a symbol of experience as the over-all sustainment of any personal or conscious being. A materialistic reality is found to be sheer illusion when taken of itself or given any power on its own account, but it…

Venus and Mercury improve their situations

Two Planetary Ingresses, One Day

March 4, 2020 — Mercury Retrogrades into Aquarius 6:07 (EST) and Venus enters Taurus 22:07 (EST).

On Wednesday March 4, a significant shift in the energy takes place with both Mercury and Venus moving into new signs. When a planet ingresses into a sign, there is a costume and scene change for that planet. The abilities and strengths of the planet are influenced by sign placement…

Rachael Middleton

practicing astrologer and small organic farmer iheartastrology.net

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